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Welcome to Coger Farms
and Greenhouses

Our daily availabilty of fresh
greenhouse naturally-grown
produce year-round.

Eat Greens Be Yappy

All greenhouse produce is grown using all natural, pesticide and herbicide free growing methods. Prices and availability are subject to change. Our site is updated daily.

Click on What's Fresh to the left and check out our daily produce and herb availability, and Newly Planted to see what's available soon.

We would be happy to entertain suggestions for special requests! We are always planting as certain harvests finish.

To order, follow the link on the left.

Please feel free to stop by the greenhouses or call.

--Gayle and Michael Morabito, owners

Coleus and Peppers

Thanks to North Country Organics
Grow Compost
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Vermont Compost Co.
Vermont Natural Ag. Products

Find us at the market!
Springfield Food Co-op
Woodstock Farmers' Market
WAAWWE Family Farms Market
F. H. Gillingham's General Store

Enjoy our greens at one of our
Vermont Fresh farm partner's restaurants!
Downtown Grocery
Inn at Weathersfield
Kedron Valley Inn
Keeper's Cafe
The Old Grafton Inn

With many thanks for their local support.

coger farms and greenhouses
"Quality Growers of Vermont"
15 Baltimore Rd, No. Springfield, VT 05150
(802) 886-2791
Junction Rt 106 and Rt 10 


Vermont Fresh Network

We aim to provide the freshest greens and produce to area restaurants. Check the link on the left to see current availability and call or e-mail for pricing.

Stock your shelves with the freshest possible available greens, herbs, and produce direct from our greenhouse.

If you are not already one of our vendors, please e-mail or call to discuss setting up an account.

Find our greens at the local markets listed in the center column.

Favorite Employees!

Aedan Coger Planting

Gwen Coger

Gwen Coger Planting

Aedan Coger